Thursday, December 22, 2011

Maybe this time?


7 am in Williamsville. Last checking if I took everything I need? From my short glance to the direction of the table, there is my passport, kind of screaming out from other things but I´m thinking: "No, there´s no point to take it along becayse my ID card will be enough!"
8 am Walk from car park to Dublin Airport. What a lovely morning it is!
8.20 am security gates - all is well, no hair clips or belts causing beeping today.
8.35 am everything is ready for boarding, travel documents and boarding pass - both put aside that I´d be able to reach them easily when needed
8.45 am standing in the boarding queue when I suddenly realise that I can´t find my ID ??? No, no, it can´t be happening because I had just put everything ready and it was right here a moment ago. Maybe I did put it into the pocket? No, nothing. Maybe I accidentally put into the side of the suitcase, maybe, maybe ... nothing.
I have lost my ID and I don´t have my passport which means that unless I´m able to find my ID or am able to organise the transportation of my passport during next 35 minutes which is left until departure, I AM NOT ABLE TO FLY TODAY!!!
I apologize and find my way out from the queue in order to turn my things upside down and track back my steps during the last 10 minutes since I last remember having my ID.
"Jesus Christ Kristi, don´t you ever learn? It was only 2 years ago when in the aiport of Malaga, you were able to lose both - your boarding pass and passport before the departure. Yes, this story had a very fortunate ending but don´t you think it makes sense not to repeat the same stupidity? Not to try your luck again?"

Yes, yes, this time, I promise, I really do, I will never ever give myself even an opportunity to misplace either of those 2 important things - 2 things nobody wants to lose in the airport?

BUT at the same time I need to face the reality that it seems that I have lost my ID ... it is not on the floor where I was standing before, it is not in the toilet either ... At the same time I try to think if it makes sense to call mum and ask her to drive home really fast to get my passport? Even though my mind is doing everything else but thinking straight, I make a clear decision it is better not to disturb her at work because probably the 20 minutes wouldn´t be enough anyway and I definitely don´t want her trying to drive as fast as possible.

8.54 am After stepping out from the toilet, from the last place I was hoping to find my ID, I conclude, having cold swet running down along my spine, that maybe not flying is not so bad option after all?
Maybe Christmas have something else in their mind for me?

Having thought that, I look straight ahead and on one chair I notice a familiar piece of plastic - my ID ! Someone must have put it there because I didn´t sit on that chair - at least I don´t remember doing so even though by now, I wouldn´t exactly bet on my own memory :)

But I do sit now and take a deep breath in ... I realise I´ve hardly been breathing at all during last 8-9 minutes, only swetting and being really upset because it was only my own lack of attention which had caused all this spinning around and which almost made me miss my flight?

However, by now I feel really lucky and fortunate of being able to join the queue again soon. Another thing is that the flight is being half an hour delayed, so, all those peole are standing there in their long long queue but as for me, the place I´m getting is absolutely irrelevant, extremely grateful for qualifying to get on board at all :), I just sit back and relax - letting myself to cool down a bit.

9:40 On board, there is an elderly gentelman, asking if the place between me (sitting in aisle) and between window seat, where is one man, is available.
He squeezes himself into the seat in the middle and off we go. However, Im glad he did so because he turns out to be a chatty, open and very interesting companion for the next 3 hours. Originally from South Africa, being moved into the farm in Northern Ireland 11 years ago, he is now going to visit his son´s family in Finland for Christmas.
Also, the other man from the window seat, even though almost completely quiet for an hour, seeming even bit arrogant at first glance, suddenly opened his mouth and ordered teas/coffees for all our row?? Well, this thing has never happened to me on a plane before?

Another lesson from today, in addition to the one that ALWAYS KEEP YOUR BOARDING PASS AND ID SAFE, is that never ever prejudge because he turns out to be a great guy and the last 2 hours we were having a conversation group of 3. He is aprx 50, from UK but living in Ireland now and has an Estonian girlfriend who he visits 5-6 times per year.

Woooooowwww, Auuuchhh - there are few moments with really strong turbulence and the plane kind of falling for few seconds. So much so that even the members of the cabin crew freak out for a moment, without talking about passengers.
I feel how my knees are shaking and I find myself thinking: "So, that´s why my ID card tried to prevent me from flying today?"

Some passengers need glass of water and one woman is crying but other than that - soon enough we are all back to normal. The jokes of my neighbours help me to "recover" from those 10 seconds of "what if ..." and by the end of the flight we are all waiting for each other, walking together through Tallinn airport, expressing hope to meet again.

"So, that´s why my ID wanted me to get on board among one of the first but among last people?" and I conclude that everything really does happen for a reason and I suppose it is so true that out of every situation, only good will come - just, this good may not be quite visible in the beginning. Lol

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Lucky Kristi :)