Friday, August 2, 2013




So much to give, so much to say.
Love in filling the hearts, the lives.
Love makes us smile and laugh and cry.
Love makes us fall down on our knees and pray
or raise our hands up to the sky and cheer.

Love is driving us crazy and making us wonder.
Love has some magical power which it holds.
The power to dream, to scream, to sing.
Love is the feeling which makes us human.
Which makes us vulnearable, makes us weak
but also powerful beyond imagination.

Love gives us strenght, it gives us hope.
Love is showing the way and is guiding us through, 
through sorrow and joy, through misery and happiness.
Love with no face and with no proper being,
yet it is everything it possibly can.

Love is in words, in music, in the air.
It is all around us, always,
all we need to do is to see and to feel it.
Love. Can you feel it ?
Love. Do you see it?
Love. Can you make it count?
Love is the power which changes the world.
Love is the power which destroys and re-unites.
Love is in tears and in passionate kisses.
Love is in pain and in deep gratitude.
Love is something you can easily express
but also something impossible to say out loud.
Love has no color, no shape or meaning,
yet it´s in all colors, shapes and meanings.
Love has no definition which would be clear,
yet it´s clearly in all the definations which exist.
Music is all around us, all you need to do is LISTEN
Love is all around us, all you have to do is to FEEL it.
Can you feel? 
Can you? 
I knew you could ...
Love is in Life and Life is in Love.
There´s no doubt

~Kristi Märk ~

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