Saturday, January 14, 2017

Hipstel Hostel Dream Team

Please meet our Hipstel Hostel Dream Team! 

vol 2 

link to vol 1 




Both of them open minded, smart and sharp, having no problem of seeing the BIG PICTURE and VISION where all of it is heading.
I´d dare to say that this level of COMPETENCE and KNOWLEDGE in various areas is not at all usual for hostel reception staff and therefore Hipstel Hostel, no doubt, is in a unique situation in every possible way.
Therefore, well done for Rafał, the owner of this place, because as you know, like-minded people attract more like-minded people and so it goes ... ;)
As a result, heh, I´m pretty sure there are not too many hostel owners in the world whose staff would be so capable and well able not only in customer service but also in tourism management and recreation in general, finances, marketing etc.

It is a real pleasure to work with all of you guys!


PS! two pieces of information from today about Lyoness cashback loyalty programme which we are currently learning and implementing here :)

Cashback merchant points: 2001
Number of customers: 254 939

Cashback merchant points: 1546
Number of customers: 101 787

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