Monday, April 26, 2010

Crazy idea

Yesterday, just like that, got the crazy idea which felt so right straight from the beginning... made some phone calls already in the evening, some more today - we will see what will happen next !!?? Inshallahhhhh :)))

Yes, I´ve been disappeared for a while.
No, haven´t stopped writing - just use my notebook again - quite a lot actually.
Yes, all this school stuff takes so much more time & energy than I expected.
Yes, there are quite many mornings when I´ve woken up at 5 in order to get everything done.
Yes, some of my things are still unpacked, even though have been home almost 2 months.
Yes, my room is total mess - have no motivation to organise it.
Yes, my life is even bigger mess - no idea how to organise it :)))
Yes, our house in general is a great place to live in.
Yes, love the sauna and those big rooms where we have enough space for ourselves and our visitors.
Yes, those 7 weeks back in Est0nia have changed me so much - inside and out !!!
Yes, sometimes regret my decision to come back but it is already done, so ...
Yes, living back home is little bit more difficult than I could have imagined.
Yes, we still get along just fine - we are just too independent and too strong personalities to share the same house and energy field every day :D
Yes, Im not the happiest person in the world at the moment.
Yes, I´ve done lot of thinking recently and try to change it - not that thinking would help:D
No, I´m not sure what will come out of this but I will find out pretty soon, won´t I ?
Any other questions why I haven´t been writing my blog at all?
Or what have happened recently? :)))

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