Wednesday, April 7, 2010

On the river

Small boat with engine ... in the middle of wild nature, birds and animals ... beautiful :))) River so-so much wider than normally.
Sometimes need to hold my head down to protect myself from branches.
Walked back almost 1 hour through forest with wet feet because of the hole in my boots.
Uuesauna was on my way home and stepped in - nobody there, saw sign instead "Läksin metsa". No pen, no paper to leave a note, so, took some wierd grass kind of thing and made a heart into the door to let him know that someone has been there.
Feel unfocused and distracted in so many ways - totally understand the students who are saying that they don´t want to go to school anymore, because it is so nice outside ... so often feel the same.
The only difference is that I will not get a bad mark if my homework is not done :D Well, to be honest, it is never completely undone, but very often feel that it could have been made so much better.

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