Monday, April 5, 2010

Slowly, slowly

... but Im getting better, much better. Thank you Kadi for today's "counceling" through Skype - really appreciate those 2 hours of chatting and laughing like crazy.
It doesn't matter the country or continent, we all are much closer to each other than we realize, right?! About all those ideas and thoughts, well, let's say that Im more than sure that Universe will co-operate gladly:)))
Mom has been home for few days, love it ... we all made fire together today. When I look at her, there is no doubt where my "fire burning" genes come from :D
Had extremely different weekend. Lot of people here: grandmother, aunt, Lembit and one surprise quest - Andres from Argentina.
This is amazing Couchsurfing which is bringing the world into our home. It is my/our pleasure to just pay it forward which I have experienced through this opportunity while traveling by myself.
It is even hard to imagine how could someone walk like Andres has - almost 6 months and 1300 km, sleeping mainly in his tent, especially during this winter like we had this year - unbelievable, it really is !
Total respect and have a nice walk to Kaliningrad.
Yesterday, when all the guests were gone, we just slept and kind of hibernated almost all day.
In the evening we had a family visit into Meigo's place. Group hug in the dark front-yard in the middle of the forest at 22:00, everyone wearing long rubber boots because mud and water everywhere - well, otherwise we are pretty average and normal family :D

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