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How to make the perfect cup of tea !

How to make tea? Well, it is kind of too obvious process to even write about it, isn´t it? I mean, boil the water, take a cup, choose the tea, add some sugar or honey and voilaaa - here you go! Well, alright, in some countries they have all sorts of rituals connected with this tea making process but still - it takes few sentences, a short chapter the most, to describe it in detail


If you would be required to write max 1000 word description with the topic "How to make the perfect cup of tea!" what would you write ? *
Down here you can read what I wrote. Yes, inspired by a true story even though the reactions of my bosses - yes, there have been more than one case like that:) - have been completely opposite and I´m deeply grateful for that. Thank You !

How to make the perfect cup of tea!


Lucy had been feeling not quite herself already for a while. By now, she has tried to change her lifestyle, her thoughts, her attitude - nothing, it was still there. The feeling that her current job doesn´t give her any satisfaction and that most probably, the best she can do, is just to move on. "I`m so sorry but this job is just not my cup of tea any more!"
Finally, finally she was able to say it out loud, things she refused to admit even to herself. She never thought that she´ll be so relaxed and in ease when she lets her boss, who she highly admires, know about her plans of leaving.
"You lost me now Lucy?! Are you for real? After all the work you´ve put in? Has it ever occurred to you that there´s no such thing as a perfect cup of tea? Maybe your tea has just become cold and all it needs, is us to warm it up again?"

Lucy smiled and sighed quietly. It was exactly the reaction she´d been expecting from her beloved owner. Margaret, whose second or at least middle name could have been "a woman on a mission" never stepped back from anything. Persistent til the very end. She was so convinced there´s always a way how to "make things work" and how to "get everything back on track".

"Believe me dear Margaret, this is something I´ve been trying to warm up already for couple of months without any results. It looks that my cup just needs to me emptied and filled again!"

Margaret sat down and gave her that special look she always did before saying something really smart as she had a suitable quotation for every circumstance
"Have you ever heard the expression that trying is lying my girl. That is exactly your problem. You were trying but you never actually made a final decision that you will solve this issue."
"I think the current thing is actually already solved . The only problem is that our vision of the solution differs like a night and day. You know what? Maybe you should try to be little more flexible yourself sometimes. I understand how important it is for you to keep your word and finish everything you´ve started but don´t you think that sometimes, when nothing goes the way you wanted, life is trying to tell you something."
"Exactly, life is trying to tell me that it is time to change the way I´m approaching the situation
" she replied automatically, again, with the special look in her eyes.
"Or life is trying to tell you that it´s time to leave the situation as it is and just to move on".
"To run away, you wanted to say?"
"No, to surrender. To let go. To stop paddling upstream. To see what happens if I stop trying so hard, to stop pulling myself together every morning. Wouldn´t it be fun to find out where do I end up when I just go with the flow?"
"The person without any purpose and direction, goes only to the direction where the wind blows" she snapped.

Someone had switched on the tv in the next room and now it was playing really loud. There was a comedy where two guys were having a competition who is able to make better breakfast.
"And tea, you can not forget tea! It is the most important element of it."
"What do you mean? If the food is great, tea hardly matters."
"But look at it - the perfect cup, the best quality tea. Drinking it is the sensation itself. Nobody could resist this amazing smell?"
"My honest opinion is that tea is absolutely irrelevant. Only way how a simple cup of hot water with some taste becomes "perfect" is when to make it to and drink it with someone so special that after finishing the drink, you won´t remember how did it taste after all!"

Both women looked at each other and laughed. They didn´t say anything as the moral of the story spoke louder than their own words could ever have. There are no right or wrong ways to do things. There are just different people in their unique circumstances which they can solve in their own way which is perfect to each one of them.

"So, what was the question again? How to make a perfect cup of tea? To me or to you? Well, if the tea will be for you ...why do you ask me then? You are the only one who knows the answer."

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