Wednesday, March 24, 2010


I´m not flying, but the time is :))) It is absolutely crazy. Staring into the clock and what can I see ... midnight which means that it is already Thursday.
Where did all the rest of the week go :D? I have been like stoned (yes, I know, people also use this term after smoking hasish and stuff like that:) but I mean stoned in the way that all my life and actions have been paused for last few days. This time just like haven´t existed for me.
Made some hot drink, getting ready for bed ... all the thoughts and ideas ... started to read The Artist Way creativity book today which Kadi left me.
Wrote my first morning pages and if I understood correctly, this course will take 12 weeks, so, it will be 12 x 7 mornings of writing about everything and nothing in order to "open up" my creativity and True Self :D inshallahhhh :)))

Sweet dreams my darling stoned Kristi ...
PS! It is 1:55 at night. Jap, still awake. "Found" some kind of magic power and cleaned up my room - finally. Jap, it was a mess, bad one. Kadi moved out, I moved in and addition to that we emptied our big cupboard in order to trag it into the other side of the room.
Situation was so bad that I had almost no free space to step ... without talking about finding anything. Now the room is far from perfect, but so-so much better. Respect for this night cleaning, but get to bed now, alright !!! :))))

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