Monday, March 29, 2010

Spring is taking over :)))

Spring is in the air: birds are taking over the sky, snow is disappearing with unbelievable speed and water is breaking itself free - finally. Saw even the first snowdrops /lumikellukesed:/
Big pieces of ice in the river, trying to find their way ahead, kicking and pushing each other.
Boots full of snow I was lying on a fallen tree, watching the sky, listening the sound of the river and thinking ... no idea what or why I´ve been up to lately and you know what - don´t care much, because, even it wasn´t the best decision, the good news is that I can always change it. May-be spring was taking over in this case toooooo :)))
Baked another cake which is almost finished, because it was a small one, quite good one and it was three of us, so .. :D

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