Saturday, March 20, 2010

Teki sees keras ... language will change Est-Eng:))

Jap, tehtud ... pea 3 nädalat kooliõpetaja ametit ja muud kodumaal aseldamist on selja taha jäänud. Lõpuks on see käes - vaheaeg ! :))) Mis sest, et ma juba esmasp minust eile maha jäänud materjalide lademeid sortima lähen ja uut õppeveerandit vaikselt ette valmistama hakkan, aga ikkagi :D
Uskumatu, kuidas ma seda ootasin. Eelkõige seepärast, et saaks kasvõi oma sügisel kokku pakitud riided lõpuks aidas olevatest kastidest ja kottidest välja otsida või siis, et oleks aega/võimalust lihtsalt maha istuda ning mõelda, mis ja kuidas edasi?
Mõtted saavad ju varem või hiljem teoks, nii et ses osas on ju vaja aega, et neid mõtteid natukenegi valida :D

Siin ma nüüd olen, tugitoolis, teki sees keras ...olesklen niisama, UURIN ning MÕTLEN.
Viimase nädala mõlgutused ning unistused on viinud mu nii kaugele, et jõudsin järeldusele - blogi kirjutamine on vaja ingliskeelseks teha :))
Ok, see ehk liialt resoluutne nõue, aga üldiselt küll - siia on paari aasta jooksul päris palju asju kirja saanud, aga natukene globaalsemalt mõeldes on siin ülivähe kirjatükke, mida ma enda nn portfoliona kasutada saaksin.
Anyway, lähitulevikus vaatan ning katsetan erinevaid asju ja püüan leida üles enda tugevamad küljed, et neid siis arendama hakata.
Eesti keele mõistjad, ärge siis pahandage, kui ma kogu selle protsessi käigus end blogis inglise keeles väljendama hakkan.
Maailm on üks suur globaalne küla, mille enamik liikmeid mõistab inglise keelt ning praeguseks on lisaks tekkinud olukord, kus enam kui pooled mu sõbrad ei saa aru meie pisikese maa ja vähese rahva keelest.
Ning loomulikult, inglise keele õpetajana töötades ei tee ka enda keeleoskuse pidev täiendamine ja praktiseerimine üldse mitte paha, seda enam, et olen juba pikk aega soovinud seda keelt vabalt vallata - to become totally fluent in English:))) Ning mine tea ... ehk inspireerib see ka kedagi teist oma keeleoskust parandama või lausa keelt õppima!??
So, we will see what is going to happen or how it is going to be like. As most of my reading or listening materials have been and still are in English, it shouln´t be hard and actually -Im still amazwed how I managed to keep my blog in Estonian all the time while being abroad. So, now, being back here, it will change ... finally :D

Well, it doesn´t mean that there will be no Estonian at all any more, but it means that here will be mostly English - at least for a while. The main reason doing so is to find out how fluently am I able to express all the thoughts and experiences which I have and which kind of writing style do I have if I write in English?

Like many people know and have noticed - I love, love writing. For me, the easiest way to express myself is to do it in a written way. It doesn´t matter that actually I still have almost no clue about English punctuation :))) ... but I can always learn it I suppose.
Never the less, the fact is that writing really is and always have been the activity which I really really enjoy and second of all - I need my freedom to choose the place and time where and when do I "work".
Yes, Im totally aware that time management and self-dicipline are not the easiest qualities to aquire, but allowing somebody else (like a boss:) to tell me what and how should I do with my time is also not the best option:D
One of my goals for 2010 is to find out what I am good at and start doing it. In the same time loving what I do and doing what I love, so, we will see ... inshallahhh :)))
Did some research, trying to find out what my options would be if I will finish working as a teacher in June. Even if they want me to continue, something inside me doesn´t agree with it. Despite the fact that I´ve actually enjoyed my time at school in most days, I feel it is not "my thing".
Found quite many interesting sites which I definately want to investigate in more detail - who knows, may-be I happen to recognise "my thing" :D or at least get some inspiration and new thoughts. Yes, earning money is one goal, because I need some sometimes :))) but finding out how could I live my life the way I like, is the most important thing.
I really believe that the moment Ive discovered "my way" - the reason why I am here in this Earth, what Im good at and what is it which I can "give" to others ... the money will come as a result of it. Making lot of money sure isn´t my need or desire number one. If I wrote down my three main ideas/dreams, there were 3 BIG topics with 3-4 subheadings and "financial freedom" was the last subheading under the topic "I know what I am good at and what I want to do".
Also, I feel like explaining what financial freedom is for me. It is not being a millionaire - even though I might end up as one :)) - being free to do what I want with people who I like go where ever I want without feeling:
"Ohhhh my God, I can not go there or do that, because first of all, I have no free time, next holiday will be after 10 months (well congratulations:) and to be honest, I have no free money also, because we have a big loan, all those bills. I spend most of my time at work witout liking it very much, actually, very ofter I kind of even hate it. I wish I could quit my job, but I can´t, cause I NEED my salary, I NEED money to pay off all my financial responsibilities".
Well, like Kiyosaki is writing (and he is right) the more we NEED, the weaker we are. The NEED and the FEAR stop us to live the life we actually dream of. But this is the only life which we have -at least at the moment, so ... GO FOR IT !
If I don´t succeed, well, quess what, I can try as many times as I like :D
You can do the same, we all can do it, but the thing is that most people are too stuck and busy with their lives that they don´t have the time to think - WHAT DO I REALLY WANT ?
WHAT do you really want, do you know that? I also don´t know exactly, but I sure am on my way to find out :)))

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