Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Some kind of Urban Dictionary says that lazyness is the state of being lazy.

My own defination which I invented today :D looks like that.
LAZYNESS - state of being when even pleasant things or activities seem too hard (almost impossible:) to do.
I know it, because this is the state where I´ve been during last 24 hours or somethink like that. Finally, at 7 o´clock in the evening I motivated myself enough to go out and get some fresh air. That´s a big accomplishment for me at the moment.
Found myself wondering that may-be, actually most probably, it is not wrong to be sooooo lazy sometimes - just - the problem is that Im not able to enjoy being in the state of lazyness because I feel like wasting my precious time :DDD and the more I think like that, the deeper I feel myself "falling".
Ohhh, my goosssshhh, I should be doing this or well, I could do that .... all these kind of statements in my head are driving me grazy sometimes. Kristi honey, why can´t you just be and realx - you are totally aware how effectivly you are able to work or act if need. It just means that there is no need at the moment, so, take your time and go slowly or don´t go at all if you don´t feel like.
But what can I do if I feel that there is so much to do ??? Like really, too much to do and that´s why Im not able to anything :))) Lot of questions in my mind. Will start cooking again. Have done it quite often lately.
On the other day, before sauna, I was in the cooking mood :D and that´s why I just made one thing after another. Today, when Im in a mood of doing nothing :)), I better bake something.
Funny, how my mind works ... well, may-be not so funny but rather "amazing" :D
This "one thing after another" expression which I used before reminds me one sentence from Tolle audiobooks where he says that for many people

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Kadri said...

oh I know excactly what you are talking about :)